24 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
waifu A.derpy.magical.girl
London – UK
I'm Aaron. I like anime and video games and all the other generic things everyone does that makes them human.

My preferred pronouns are, "Your / His Majesty" or "Your / His Highness", at a push.

Also in my spare time I make music and video games and other nerdy things no one else can relate to.

does anybody actually read this?

Answer: This one does. SextingSatan

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spectral posted a status update: if you don’t accent your uwu and owo’s does she even make your heart go doki doki? no i didn’t think so // this is true

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A.derpy.magical.girl asked

Hey you
Get on discord cause I love you
k den

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tbh: ahahah ur profile picture still makes me laugh rly hard thank u
rate: idk what u look like ;-;