24 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
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London – UK
I'm Aaron. I identify as caring, passionate and sincere. I have a moderate interest in minimalism and stoicism.

By day I work as a humble software developer. It's a bit like a cross between being an architect building an egyptian pyramid and being a firefighter that's putting out fires and saving kittens from trees.

By night I study computer science for university and work on personal research projects. Recently I've been learning a lot about learning and trying to synthesize that into something that can democratize learning for anyone and make it a less painful experience.

I'm really good at focusing way too much on one goal and putting off everything else until the very last minute. I once tried to get out of going to a meeting for over a month because I wanted to focus on a side project.

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cuntmuffin posted a status update: Cooley posted a status update: c***muffin posted a status update: That s*** hurt so godd*** bad // apparently now they can do crazy intra-spinal numbing to reduce the immense pain. // so, am epidural, but also not worth it // why is it not worth it?

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A.derpy.magical.girl asked

Hey you
Get on discord cause I love you
k den

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Animoth is an amazing artist!


Hey bro, Awesome profile picture! hope all is well.


tbh: ahahah ur profile picture still makes me laugh rly hard thank u
rate: idk what u look like ;-;