101 / Male / Straight / Single and Not Looking
. Been here before, long time ago.

I'll add more pictures later. If you're impatient, you can always send me a message asking for more.

Things i'm into:
~ Psychology
~ Anime
~ Games
~ Dogs
~ Nature and how it develops
~ Cranberry juice (don't hate)
~ 80s and 90s music
~ TV shows
~ Well thought out conversations
~ Open minded people
~ Attention (Deal with it)
~ The world and everything happening in it

It's difficult to describe me. I don't meddle myself with too many people on here, because i'm not sure i'd want to be a part of all this. All I really look for is people to talk to and just have a good time. No drama, no difficult issues, just fun, joy and happiness.

I also pull of glasses extremely well.

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Im just lolling

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KurageHime asked

Agree, seems like a lot of people on here are like that though.(not really a question but I couldn't respond to the other question)
They are, which is why I went against it. It's fine if you want to ''shame'' something, that's all on you. Just use the correct terminology.