15 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Best Nigga Friend fuckvalentinesday
Orlando FL – US
I thought ppl would understand who I am, not think about me in their own perspective and not understand me..... i guess I always was suppose to be a lone wolf..... maybe that's best.... but I don't want u guys on me cuz I will block u from now on if u do

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Favorite anime/manga?
Kuri from Vampire Knights (Manga)

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You guys who wanna ask my girlfriend chris1216 out need to back down she is taken by me and I'm not a guy to be mess with so if I was u I would stop trying to get with her she is happy so back off and babe I love u so much love ur babe


Hey your boyfriend Jesse is sleeping he will message you later he loves you so much


I love you babe you mean so much to me I'm happy that your my babe and I'm glad to call u mine I'm happy I can just be me around you and you love me just cause I'm me I love u babe have a good day love ur babe


Chris 1216 is my babe she is dating me so back off and don't ask her for stuff I love u babe


Thank you!


Greetings, new friend! and I see that it's your birthday so, happy day to you! ^^


Happy birthday