20 / Female / Omnisexual / Single and Looking
youre so beautiful <3 Sweetpeach
Choveyvill – IE
Hi the name is Papa but all my friends call me Chovy Chop Chop because its my stage name, but you can call me Gigi. My rapper name is glamour tail gold fish. I also love Earl Zach (so hot) and youtubers.
This is my fav youtuber:

I have a really strange sense of humor, I'll always try new things. I give great advice. :3 My life motto is:
Leave me alone so I can drink tea and dance with my cravat. I'm dreaming of a magenta Christmas, just like f* i s* you not omg.
Im also a gamer
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a dollar make me hollar

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Minecrafta15 asked

Would you send nudes
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Sorry, I'm all out of nudes, but there are still some red shades and blue toned shades available in the Chovey lip kit collection xoxoox

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I love your hair