23 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
is taco bell hoarders with Arcwing
Warwick – US
I don't have kik, Facebook, or skype. Don't ask me please!
Listen!! I just wanna make friends...If I come off as flirty, it's because that's my personality and I don't mean to do it. Kbai, luv you all :D

Ummm hai :3
I'm a little confused as to how I ended up here, but I figured I'd give it a shot :D
I'm Celeste, or Brauven, or Sparky, call me whatever :) (I prefer Sparky)
I just love cuddling, loud music, and every animal on this earth :3
Stalkers, add me!! I like making new friends, but I prefer good conversation to you just adding me and never talking :P

I listen to a whole bunch of different music, ranging from pop-punk s*** to just about anyone off of Psychopathic Records. So yeah, don't try to judge me by my music cause I'm a little scene girl but also a proud Juggalette.

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I just want to be able to sleep...

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extinct asked

i just think it'd be a nice change from la
I'd much rather be in LA!! Anyways, Warwick is covered in a couple feet of icky snow. So if you come to RI, I suggest the summer xD our beaches are lovely

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Aww, thanks hun <3 though in all honesty, I am-- I'm a size US 18/20. Though I am fat, I am pretty happy with my body. But thank you much love <3


I miss you too you crazy motherf***er! ;p


Your hair looks awesome!!


I miss youuuuuu!!!!


haha wh0a d00d, yo t00 kewl f0 m3


That seems to be a running theme for you lately :p


Hehe, i dig it x3


Hahaha wicked :3


hahaha how did you manage to only have one? xD


Indeed I do. It's fantastic x3