18 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Louisiana – US
I love anime manga cosplay and music like bvb Hollywood undead ect I am very kind and also shy if you wanna chat when I am not on here u can reach me on gmail at naruko.yaoi.uzamaki and my name is clock works (clocky) and I have a pic of clocky giving the bird on it. I also have a kik account witch is casey swanson but without spaces. I love to rp and just chill I am an animal lover and I hate animal cruelty I love creepypasta and Percy Jackson any other questions just message me

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I'm not interested in relationships I just talked to my elder sister and she agrees I don't need one so please don't bother me I am only looking for friends that's all I try to help my friends and today I broke up with my boyfriend and did the same for my friends and I know im a bitch what ever

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