18 / Male / Pansexual
My passions are gaming, writing, and movies. I may not be anything more than average in the looks department but I'm a pretty funny guy. I also like to think I'm very nice. Only thing is I'm very honest so if you're super sensitive, I honestly may not be the friend for you. Though I would say I'm very caring. I have been the care-giver to many. Long bio short, feel free to talk to me. I'm chill :3

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Look, if you cant take me telling you exactly how I see it, dont come to me. If youre going to be all defensive and take everything to heart, stay away

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Anonymous asked

Pretty bois have pretty hair and pretty eyes. Pretty men have pretty all of that PLUS pretty souls and personalities, wouldnt you agree?
All the way. Personality lasts while looks eventually fade away