22 / Male / Bisexual / In Love
Hell – US
Well, Hello there Earthlings. You may call me Carnage and nothing else. I have a short attention span..Hmm.. I like the colors red, green and purple. I love cats. I am a bit sadistic.. I like everything that has to do with Motley Crüe. I am definitely a boy if you couldn't tell by the cleavage. I certainly hope your smarter than that.. My mind is my home. I am kind of shy and indecisive. I like Ham. Actually I don't like ham. So talk to me I don't bite, I only nibble a little.

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So anxious about upcoming surgery.. But on a side note. I haven't been on here in a long while. What's up people.

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Letsseeifurticklish asked

Do you own any checkered Vans slip-ons?
Nope I wear boots most of the time. I do have green vans. And blue ones but I prefer converse over vans~