21 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Rochester Hills – US
Hey I'm Marci. I'm kind of in a nostalgic feel so I came back to this after years haha. Anyways I'm a stoner who listens to bands on their way to work or whatever the f*** I'm doing. I like adventures and nature. Going on hikes or walks in the woods, finding secret spots, smoke sesh bonfires and drum circles. I miss doing them. I like playing video games as well. I just recently bought the legend of Zelda golden 3DS. Favorite game? Zelda for sure. I got a Majora's mask tattoo on my right arm. I plan on getting a TriForce on my wrist. Can you tell that I love Zelda? So basically that's it for now.

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Ughhh I want a relationship or do cute s*** but there's nobody