16 / Male / Pansexual
Cuddles with Xx.Why.Must.We.Not.Die.xX
Porterville, Idaho – US
Hello, you can call me Scott. I am originally a Floridian but, now currently reside in the state of Idaho. I am one of three children, I have a younger sister Isabelle and an older brother Bryan. I live with my mom , my step dad, my two siblings and, my cousin, his name is Wilson. As for pets I have a dog and his name's Brautty. I run cross country and, am on my schools cycling team. I'm also a huge cuookeee geek but, I also happen to love Metal , Punk, Alternative, and other genres of music much like those as well, too. I'm kinda quirky and maybe even a bit eccentric but, I'm not entirely sure.. Um, I'm also FTM Transgender, if that is interesting in the slightest to know, Idk... Haha, well inbox me if you'd like.... Toodles peeps.. ^~^

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tylerboy17 asked

What is your skype?
I don't have a Skype unfortunately.