23 / Male / Straight / Single and Looking
Is Close Friends With Avyrii
666 leviathan way, Sector 13 of Hells Pit – US
Hey, im Wesley
i listen to like every type of music
i think cats are f***ing awesome
my hobbies are gameing, drawing, writeing, driveing
also if anyone needs advice or someone to talk to im here anytime
im always glad to help out someone
im a extreamly nice person, well most of the time
thiers not much to say
hit me up with a message
add me if u want
also if u want to skype thats cool too
just hope u dont mind me smoking and drinking while we talk

later! :)

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Pass the Axe! :)

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ashthetic asked

favorite color ?
i like dark purple. how about u?

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omg my phone with this site sucks haha how are you? I used to have a account. I wish I didnt forget the password lol


hey :)