22 / Female / Straight / Single and Looking
NY, Westbury – US
Sup motherfudgers, I'm Sarah Rose Yasus. I'm really shy in person but once you get to know me, I will slowly open up to you :) I might not talk much though :P After 8:00 pm North Eastern Central Time, my ADHD kicks in and I get real hyper. I have bipolar disorder as well as depression. Parents divorced when I was 8, blah blah blah, depressing life stuff. Anyways, I'm a self conscious, ambitious, strong willed girl who dreams to be a vocalist. I draw, read, paint, and write. My best subject is Eniglish, as well as art. I'm gonna shut up now, this is too much :P peace out

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I feel like the ugliest, overweight, ugly-guy-attracting, pitiful, short, clingy, impatient, inflexible, stubborn, judgemental, lying, pale, unattractive, stress eating, overthinking, negative, disgusting piece of s***. That is all.

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