17 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Edinburgh/Borders - Scotland – UK
hi hi my names Rummi (room-ee) and I am possibly the biggest loser of the losers . I have no clue what I am doing with myself or where the f*** my life is going but I'm currently just rolling with it until some good hopefully happens ahaha
I am VERY scared of people and I’m super awkward so I’m sorry for that.

Please don’t talk to me if your only intention is to try get with me because i don’t go out with people I’ve met online.
I am looking for FRIENDS :D cause i have none irl. Problem is im extremely scared of people so it's really hard for me to talk or make conversation and I'm really sorry about that

I really like drawing, Music, animals, spoopy stuff and cartoons/anime so those are some things i can probably talk about.
I'll just be blunt, I'm a furry.
Alternative names I'll answer to : Corgi, Zombii, Kitten, Twitch/Twitchy.

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i would say im back and going to be active but thats a f***ing lie :^)

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Anonymous asked

Why are ghost type pokemon so overpowered?!
dunno tbh if you use them right they can be scummy af

I don't use ghost pokemon much tbh so i'm not that educated in them xD

if you're having trouble with them just rek them with another ghost or dark type :^0

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Not at all XD You'd love it


Yeshhhhhhh baby. Your neck looks so sweet btw. 10/10 would love to wrap my fingers around that pretty neck of yours and watch you gasp for breath as my other hand felt you up and my lips locked onto yours. XD


Why wont you love meeeeeeeee


Still my little chav forever and always <3


Ty !^-^


really every single decision but Y dear ?


If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?


I like your Blue Exorcist profile pic! ^~^


happy bday