18 / Male / Bisexual / Single
Hell – US
Actually a big gay
Oh btw I'm back for now I guess.
18 year old scrub who wastes his life being a loser. It just be like that though.
Oh I play guitar and piano I guess (in all honesty just give me something with strings and I'll figure something out).
Besides that I'm just a standard horror movie fan among other cool spooky stuff. Video games are a lot of fun too.
Literature, poetry, short stories, etc. are also fun too. I'm a pretty bad poet so I really enjoy learning about it more.
Yea that's about it though.

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I am high out of my f***ing mind

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OctoberSatanist666 asked

why can't i date u?
I don't really know you, also dating in general gives me anxiety lol