24 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Is twinning with Myself
So um yeah hi my name is Brittany, but prefer to go by Bri. I'm a fun loving, book reading, animal and nature enthusiast. I'm pretty nice, but best believe I can be a raging c***. um I like rainy days and Disney movies 😂 I hate bacon and my biggest fear is snakes 😂 um I'm big on boundaries, don't cross mine and I won't cross yours.

Some of my music includes but is not limited to:
*White Chappel
*Motionless In White
*Asking Alexandria
*Slip Knot
*Deathcab For Cutie
*Five Finger Death Punch
*Breaking Benjamin

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I'm such a baby 😂 on the phone with Corpsehuaband and ask him to tell me a bed time story like I'm five 😂 and of course he agrees to cause he is perfect like that

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AshleyBree asked

I don't know corpsehusband but did he died or got his account deleted? I tried viewing his page
He deleted his page

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thanksl lol


thanks lol




Hey hey you you I think I wanna marry you you you or maybe give you a lap dance I mean sit on that lady boner I mean shiiiiiii


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