22 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Rockledge – US
My name's Brittany & I don't tolerate bulls***. I've been through hell & back in my life. I've had my troubles, and I let them get to me, but I came out stronger than anybody imagined possible. I can't stand listening to people whine & cry about petty bulls***. I used to cut, but luckily learned to get out my pain with poems and music instead. Depression sucks, but anybody can beat it. I know who I am & am proud of myself today. If you have a problem with me, you might as well tell the wall closest to you, it might listen & care more than I will/do. I wasn't put here for YOUR judgement. And there's only one person whose judgement matters to me, and I promise it's not yours. I'm very blunt. I'm very accepting. I may come off as a bitch, but give me the time of day & you'll find a best friend in me (:

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Finally 18. Got my septum pierced :)