19 / Male / Bisexual / In a Relationship
Fresno – US
I have a longer name, but just call me "Alice" for sake of convenience and personal preference~

Playing video games while coping with my workload, depression, and loneliness that has plagued me since my first relationship abruptly ended.

Born and raised in Fresno, California, the armpit of the Central Valley. Haven't travelled much, and don't see myself doing much travelling in the future. Very biased towards the colour Sky Blue, and finds anything and everything cute if it's in that colour. Loves sweets and teas, but not combined unless it's matcha. Prefers classical music, but loves rock and orchestral pieces just as well. Genderfluid. Not very political. Enjoys cold weather and warm showers. MAJOR fan of cuddling and cutesey talk. Enjoys soccer and roots for Manchester United. Everything else I haven't listed, you can ask me about~

Studying Psychology on the side - Feel free to talk to me about your problems if you'd like.

Also, I have... this >" title="bluehairedalice - Feel free to, um... hit on me? *shrugs* Also check out's CrushTag">" border="0" /> for... I dunno... stuff.

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