29 / Female / Straight / Single
In the clouds – US
Hi, see your looking at my profile what’s up fellow freaks and fuk ups 🤪. I’m really just a keep to myself, shy introvert, who likes punk grunge, weird s***, blood, and plenty of horror. I can be a sweetheart, and a total btch the next, don’t mess with me, I’ll put you in your place. I work part time and the rest of the time I’m being a complete c*** lol 😂.

(Favorite Bands)
* Nirvana(KurtCobain❤️
*sonic Youth
* The knack
* The Beatles
* Pixies
* Black Flag
* Aerosmith
* Melvin’s
* Meat Puppets
* Butthole Surfers
* The stooges
* Black Sabbath
* Judas Priest
* Creedence Clearwater revival
* Sex Pistols
* Avenged Sevenfold
* Marilyn Manson
* Foo fighters
* The shaggs
* scratch acid , that’s just some I have infinite music taste.

(Favorite food)

* Pizza, Kraft macaroni and cheese & white macadamia chocolate cookies

420 friendly 😎 💨

Ask and I might answer.

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2chan that little boy says he reported me for having a nazi flag on my profile page 🇾🇪 stupid that’s a Yemen flag, because I’m a quarter yemen, don’t see me out there starting crap on you for where your from, get a actually profile picture of yourself instead of hiding behind anime characters kid. And go back to history class, ignorant asses man 🤦‍♀️ smh

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2chan asked

>Quarter Arabic, uses Yemen flag (lolmao not even Iranian)
F*** off African, you're not arabic
Half Italian and the rest Arabic and Irish, I don’t need to explain myself to a child and if your a adult your some man child. You worry about you and I worry about myself, takes little balls to pick on a female, grow up. You just want attention.

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FINALLY A SABBATH AND JUDAS FAN! after years on here I FINALLY found one. You're awesome