19 / Non-binary / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Battle Creek – US
Just looking to make new friends and talk :)

Im a transgender female who will be on Estrogen in the next coming weeks and im excited

I like memes, and just talking to people as long as they are not asses. And if you want to video chat just PM me for my skype name :)

I love Rock music, and House, Techno, Hiphop (boom bap and old school instrumentals mainly very little trap), and older dubstep not the new generic s*** with the same drums and bass drops and sounds.

I dont judge and im not gonna be mean without a reason but in general im pretty cool and easy to get along with and im very weird XD

Im also a huge geek and gamer who repairs IPhones and androids, desktops, and laptops, you name it. I also know how to build them from scratch and I have been hacking my own personal iphones and androids for years now for better understanding of security.

I have been in the IT industry since age 13 as well, so i'm well aware of how to operate my devices. I am not afraid to take risks and try new things even if they don't make me feel 100% comfortable

if you dont like me dont add me :P

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i have no life and need to get a job but nah gonna be lazy af rn XD