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depressed 16 year old listening to linkin park - in the end and crafting law runes on a friday night opens up a new tab and logs into his facebook full of his fake friends and makes a status saying who would care if i killed myself and his mother comments do it faggit and he does

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I really hope josh allows my roomate to stay on this website (^:... also how do I get the thinking emoji added to the side of my name now that you're here smh

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AlmightyKroose asked

I'm masterminding a criminously charming way to re.f*** my 15 yr old cousin bc miraculously her chest has grown exponentially since last year o.o
good luck then friend

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mistake yet again 🤠😩 but i guess i’ll tell you that your roomie is better than you are


fookin mistake again




i stalked you by accident..i swear i’m not creepy ;(


I'll always love you, boo.