20 / Female / Straight / Single
Brasov – RO
Hey everyone :3!
I am Bibi and i am from Romania. I have 14 years.
If you wanna talk with me just talk, i will answer, i am not a bad person.
I am not fake, if you ever think that leave my profile...
I used to cut myself, but i stopped about 6 months ago.
Please don't judge me....
I had a best friend, but she leave me for another persons...and i was so disappointed...i love her...but i will learn how to hate fake friends... :)
I really really need friends...
Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am really sad...
Sowwy if I upset you... :3 :'(
I love deathcore, post-hardcore, screamo and metalcore, but i like too my exception :D
My fav band is Pierce the Veil i really love them, for me they are awesome <3 :3 !!!
I also love Suicide Silence, SWS, AA, Woe, is me, Issues, Upon a burning body...and others... :3
I apologize for my english, if i say sometimes something wrong...i am really really sowwy :3
If you want to add me, add me, if you want to ask me something just ask, if you want to talk with me, talk with me! :3
My kik is: i_am_dead_inside
I don't have skype...

Sooooo....i think that is :3
If you love me I will
love you too....i guess...
If you have kik and you wanna talk with me, talk with me there because is easy :D
Then...bye bye :3 >:D<
Have a beautiful day! >:D<