20 / Female / Straight / Single
North Carolina – US
Hey im Bethany. Im a good listenier and i like tacos. I can help you through any problem and im here for everyone. I think everyone is beautiful and magic so yeah hmu if you wana talk :)

Things I like; Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the veil, Prank'd, Piercings, Cute guys, Tattoos, Sushi, Monster, Loud Music, Concerts, Skateboarding, Tigers, Energy Drinks, Mountian Dew, Milky Ways, Starbucks Coffee, Screamo, aand My Bed. Kthx.
Well yeah so.. if you buy me a Monster ill love you forever <3 Music is the s***! :)
I like the Drums and the Gutar so .. yeah lol <3

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Please understand if i see you again don't even say Hello" - Mayday Parade <3