25 / Female / Straight / Engaged
is in a relationship with MySuicidalRomance
Bury, Manchester – UK
Hi, I'm Becky, I have a boyfriend called Andy, I've known him since 2012 but only got into a relationship with him in June 2016. We're planning to move in together, have a baby & get married.

I work at a pre-school nursery and want to become a full-time teacher. I've also had my own business.

Music: The Vamps, 5 Second Of Summer, One Direction, Pink, Dioxyde, We Are The In Crowd, Porcelain Black, The Wanted, Icon For Hire, Lawson, Cher Llyod, Aqua, Zyan, Ariana Grande, Katherine Jenkins, Clean Bandit, Ella Henderson, Special D, Venga Boys...

Movies: Twilight, Harry Potter, Zootopia, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, 50 Shades Of Grey, Sisters, Bride Wars, Minions, The Smurfs, Ted, Elf, Puss In Boots, Shrek, Hotel Transylvania, Ice Age...

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Been with my amazing boyfriend for 1 year today.