15 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
Kingman – US
Hey, my name is Breanna and im pretty shy yet I love to talk.

About Me:
Sexual orientation:unknown
What im really bad at:singing
That one person whose arms id like to be in: Kaydin james nelson delgado
My best first date:no dates yet
A description of my self-esteem:look at your tv, see that spec of dust? thats my self-esteem.
Favorite animal:wolf
Someone i miss:my mother
Fave ice cream: oreo ice cream
A description of the boy i like:funny,cute,blonde,fit,good personality.
Most traumatic experience:watching my mother die infront of me.

I dont feel like typing anymore...

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Ive stolen a pink camera, a total of 7$, pencils, erasers, a panda hat, and any other little trinkets.

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