21 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Baitn(Zagomile,Posusje) – BA
My real name is Barbara,but peoples usualy call me Barbie,Bambie or Doll.I love my friends,family animes,music,animals especially dogs and kittens.I am bi.I'm 20.Been born in Zagreb,Croatia but been practicly grew up in mothers birthpalce village Batin(Zagomile,Posusje) in Bosnia and Herzegovin.Thats all in Europe.Crazy for piercing,tattoos(not have any yet but work on it) and BOTDF.If you interested ask XoXo

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Grrrr,someone uper unhappy

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Panda  asked

Favorite anime?
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Vampire Knight and Tokyo Mew Mew ^^