19 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
I'm Stephanie, a seventeen year old junior in highschool. I love music, reading, games, art, etc. I'm here just to talk and make friends. I'm already in a relationship, therefore I am not looking for one and I'm not looking to flirt. And no being a pedo. Like the f*** people? As much as I hate to say it, please dont be a f***boy/f***girl. If you are, grow the f*** up and get some selfrespect. Anyhow, I'm an aspiring designer, and I plan to go places with my life. I'm pretty easy going if you don't p*** me off, so stay on my good side. My first language 9/10 is sarcasm so please don't get offended. Anything else, just ask me I guess. Also, I dont give out other contact/social media unless I offer it, so don't ask.

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Getting ready for work, can't talk much.