19 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
Ohio – US
Im 5'3
90s' Baby
Chubby but cute c;
Have an attitude problem but I promise I'm nice haha.
I also Love meeting new people and would like new people to talk/Hang with!
Movies:Clueless,Breakfast Club, Transporter, Freedom Writers, Twilight, Etc.
Shows: Prison Break, OITNB, Bobs Burgers, Doctor Who, grey's anatomy, Etc.
Food:PIZZA, Cake, Vanilla Wafers, Burgers,Waffles,Turkey Bacon, Strawberries w/Sugar.
Color:Green & blue
More Favs: Photography, Art, Drawing/Painting, Reading/Writing.
I'm weird/goofy,I enjoy Having a fun time. I'm Lame & Bake peanut butter cookies.
Snapchat/Kik/Instagram Just ask (:
Don't be shy,message me!

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Still Alive (: