21 / Female / Straight / Broken Hearted
Las Vegas – US
Hey! c: Im Miranda c:
couple things about me:
I'm really open minded about everything really cx
I'm pretty chill and funny if you get to know me ;p
Into a lot of different music types like bands like Suicide Silence and Slipknot to Pierce The Veil cx
It's really hard to get me mad so I'm not a prick cx I don't take jokes up the butt cx
I love skyping people ;p so just ask for mine and I'll most likely give it to you cx
I'm easy to talk to, so uh, add me and message me! c:

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Add me on snapchat miranda507

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RebleCountryboy asked

Who has been the most important person in your life?
My best friend Robert. He has helped me through so much and has always accepted me for who I am completely.

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: )


Oh and thanks for the request.Don't be a stranger ;)


Gorgeous dp ;)


Haha, I see. Well alright then, I'll see about letting you know sometime.


Awe, well you're a very nice girl. But you barely know me as a person, haha. How can you say Im a nice person? Message me sometime though, maybe you can learn more about me and stuff ;p haha.


Awe, shucks. You're too f***ing sweet I swear. c: Such compliments, its too much :b


ummm thanks


sure c: whats your number?


im not D:


Awe, well shucks. You're too kind. haha. Thanks! :)