21 / Female / Bisexual / It's Complicated
Is Zelda Faggots With ItsShannonYo
Springfield,MO – US
This is my new account, my other one locked me out of it. I have a Facebook

Snapchat: Azelinniah

I have Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype ect.
If you feel the need to have proof I am real, ask for a Sign/Video of me
I don't mind. I am a flirt but it depends on how the conversation starts. If I feel like I know you well enough I would love to text dude. I have a major thing for accents. I like girls and boys I Like piercings and tattoos (I have 5 piercings) (I draw tattoos and I have sold them and sent them to companies and people over mail) (old school, I know) I love meeting new people, so feel free to message me. An ugly personality ruins a pretty face. Yup, I go to church. Im Straight forward. Hate me or Love me...I could care less...Im NOT scene, I can't pull that look off. Over time this "Bio" might get longer/shorter, who knows. If you would like to know more just ask

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oh em gee you're dumb ♥


ohh my god I know rightttttt


Gurrrrllllll how you doin?c;