25 / Male
panama city beach – US
My name is Azazel, 23 years old. I am a Chemical engineer for a chemical company, basically I/we work with global chemical companies improving the texture,quality and potency of raw chemicals. Solidify the product in a particular form (scaled to Millimeters) and return it. That is a basic summary of what I do without all the complexities and crucial and confidential details of the processes. I might someday go to school and obtain a degree in nuclear engineering. I procrastinate. I figure by now if you made it this far reading I can reveal more details about me. I am a firearms enthusiast. I do NOT hunt, but to target shooting at non living targets. I am a second degree black belt in ITA and I have received 2 state champion metals(I am not active in the sport anymore). I like Gaming and pcs, I have PC,Xbox one and Play station 4. My gamer tag is the same for xbox and playstation- K1lljoyhazard. I can play guitar and slightly play violin. I have dogs,ferrets lizards and used to have serpents. I have done some study in herpetology. I took philosophy all four years of high school. I am agnostic. But not necessarily atheistic. Some Atheistic beliefs and tendencies. But Intelligent design is still plausible in this era of time. I try and stay fit as often as possible I have home weights and a gym membership. I adore black lights and lava lamps. I have about 7 lava lamps and 40 feet of black lights. I build model spaceships and sci fi related modeling. I have an interest in UFO's undetermined if they have visited this planet or not. I love pizza and taco bell. Though I feel guilty eating meat. I have a moral compass. I love nature. Examples- non populated beaches, forest, uncharted terrain. I have tattoos and piercings (obviously visually observable) but just about everyone does here. I like horror movies and sci fi. I have to sleep with a fan on at night. I like Ambient noises and consistent sounds. I love the night time in the winter. Day time in the summer. If you want to get to get to know me more message me.