17 / Female / Straight / Single
Well, My name is Ayana..I am a 16 year old black girlllll from the US.Sometimes I'm emo, and sometimes I'm not.. depends on my mood. I've been home-schooled since the 5th grade so my social skills are horrible. I already graduated high school because I finished my courses early..thanks to cheating. Now I'm just a deadbeat teen stuck in a house with nothing to do and no physical friends to hang withh. I like photo manipulation, basically photo-shop. I also like to sing, and draw, and sometimes dance. I have 3 dogs, 2 ducks, and one cat. I like anime, but barley watch it anymore. I have really bad acne and skin blemishes, some people cant tell if I'm a girl or a boy by just looking at my face unless I have some kind of makeup on lmao. I guess that's the power of hormones for you. I like k-pop , r&b, pop, jazz, and rock. I am open to listen to many other genres...the genre I probably like the least is trashy rap music. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite animal's are zebras. There is a lot of other stuff about me, but this is just the basics. I have social media so..if you wanna know what I have just ask. :3

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whe you just sit in your chair looking at a screen and wondering why your life sucks so much