28 / Female / Bi-curious / Recently Single
Long Beach – US
I used to be easy to talk to, but now it seems like walking on a landmine field lol. I either respond or I don't xD You'll have to find out, but I'm otherwise very nice and very easygoing. I love music, dogs, funny videos, just like the next person, but I'll look at things from a more broad spectrum. I'm a thinker. I spend most of my time with my dog, at school, trying to see friends when I can, and finding a way to get away from the love of my life who just won't leave my mind. So I'm basically here for as many distractions as possible.

I'll refrain from uploading pictures to here, because what I look like isn't important. However, if I find you to be worthy, I'll send you a pic of me. :) And that'll be on MY terms. ;D

Catfish? Nah. Just trying to minimize the false hopes that people get from seeing a picture. Cause if you look like Beyoncé in your pic, but like Bernie Mac in real life, how the hell are we supposed to trust each other? xD

Oh and I forgot to mention, I love jokes. If you've got some epic jokes, I'm down to listen and laugh with you. :)

If you wanna know anything else, inbox me :D