22 / Female / Straight / In Love
Boulevard of Broken Dreams – US
If you knew how weird I am...You would burn me at the stake XD So yeah....
*I'm really shy
*Drugs and Alcohol are disgusting
*I've been trying not to cut, but hey life happens
*I think snake bites/lip piercings are so hot (;
*I want to be a burlesque dancer
*Some times I like singing like a 1930's-1940's singer XD
*I don't give my Skype to people I haven't really talked to
*I normally want to kill myself
*I'm so tired of being treated like a sex doll so don't talk to me if thats all you want from me :P
*My Favorite Bands Are
-Sleeping with sirens
-A sight to see
- Bless the fall
- Get scared
.... and there's way too many to name XD

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I love how the people at work thought I was a sweet innocent little girl. Their opinions have definitely changed after seeing me twerking in the kitchen (;

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beastlynerd asked

Hello there how are you?
Hey, I'm okay. how are you?

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oh hey happy birthday!

Thanks for accepting me :)


Just a few more days <3


do you have a kik? send it to me? as a message on here


your hair is so beautiful


Heyy thanks for the add!!!


np ;)


I gave you a heart because i think you're cute :3


Heyy, what's up?


I dont hate you i hate video game zombies