23 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
basically, I'm a 22 year old with no life

if you like:
-steven universe
-dancing like idiots
-stupid ideas
-spewing stoned nonsense to each other
-talking about titties
-trying to out weird the other
-being childish adults
-rock, rap, or Disney music
-and dealing with a friend who lacks self esteem and has bad depressive episodes very often
then I'm the friend for you.

seriously, I need to make friends. I'm a sad lonely potato

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MrFire  posted a status update: hadji ● posted a status update: AuraleeNight posted a status update: its funny how a grown ass, 43 yr old woman thinks she can command her 23 yr old daughter around like a butler. she definitely doesnt realize shes the reason 5 of her 7 kids left home and refuse to speak to the rest of us // going to hit you with some wisdom, it's because you're 23 and living at home. // x2 // my dad, bro, and I work so we can keep our house. my mom just sits, complains, and gets

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AlmightyKroose asked

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sorry but I'm thinking of shaving my head. dont need it to get stuck in my helmet when I go off to fight the huns