18 / Male / Androsexual / Single
'GBF is whatsgood
Enfield – US
Hi, my name is Zak and i'm Undertale trash and... pretty much trash in general. My sexuality is Demisexual and Androsexual. I love to talk and i'm like that one friend who does stuff like say "I love you and i'm so thankful your in my life" If you ever want to talk, i'm here for you and wont hesitate to help you in any way i can <3 I LOVE Anime and Bands.

Stuff about me:

Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Favorite Color: Blue(Azure)
Favorite Game: Undertale

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, and Singing.

My favorite bands and 2 fav songs:

Paramore (Ignorance & Brick By Boring Brick)

Panic! at The Disco (Victorious & Always)

My Chemical Romance (Famous Last Words & Helena)

Bring Me The Horizon (Drown & Run)

Mayday Parade (Literally any song)

My favorite anime in order:

Blue Exorcist
Mirra Nikki
Elfen lied
Howl's Moving Castle (if it counts)
Tokyo Ghoul

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i highkey crave death, but if you tryna swooce right into those DM's, then get to it, sluts.

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Dragonfood asked

bls be gay with me
Ok Daddy~<3 owO ;3 Rawr XD N-nyaaa~ A-a-a-a-awoooooooo