19 / Female / Straight / Broken Hearted
Peyton Colorado – US
I'm no average girl, I hate romance movies but love horror movies. I also like music *not country or love though those get on my nerves*. I might not have the skinniest waist to hold but I do have the biggest heart to give *I'm not fat though, just saying*. Also I'm crazy. I dance really loud to my music like a retard and if you want a girl who is smarter than you turn some where else! I suck at math, science, and history. But I write a lot and am a creative thinker and am a free style rapper. :D Message me whenever you want if you're bored or just want a laugh! I'll be here *since I'm Homeschooled*

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I love sleeping in late but it makes me stay up really late and I can't fall asleep until like 8am then wake up at like 5pm. -_- d*** I wish the security alarm wasn't on, I want to go on a walk :P

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