23 / Male / Straight
I love this guy more than anything S.e.a.n
Emerald Hill – US
The name's Ashton and I'm here looking for new friends so feel free to talk to me.
Things I like:
> Playing guitar
> My best friend Sean
> Making people laugh
> Making people smile
> Sonic the Hedgehog
> My wifey :D
Things I hate:
> Liars
> Disrespectful people
> One Direction
Add me and hopefully I can brighten your day a little <3

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Being afraid of the future is part of the present

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douloureux asked

What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
It's hard to pick out one thing I would change. I always joke about how I'm super hot, awesome, and perfect while in honestly I'm far from any of those. If I could change one thing about me I would change who I am.

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Wanna Skype now ?


Love you tooo!! <3


hey thanks for accepting :) i'm Lou Lou nice to meet you :D