29 / Female / Straight / Single
Hollywood – US
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Name Araceli but you can call me Ara Im actually 24 ,single ready to mingle,im straight edge,intelligent,always curious and i also think outside the box , loyalty, living life,positive vibes,chill asf ,i love every living creature wolves, lions and tigers are my favorite , animal lover i have pets of my own , vocalist ,tattoo artist i f***ing love art i enjoy every minute of the things i do in my brother's shop ,Baby blue,play Xbox any type of video games,pizza and Netflix i love watching horror movies like the walking dead American horror stories or other gorey movies , nature lover my favorite part of nature is the beach i enjoy the view and watch the sunset our galaxy is also beautiful i enjoy that too, yea i do smoke and drink but i don't drink like most people do just general but i do smoke or dab alot lol i gotta have my herbs, i love tea and naked Juice..yea i don't drink soda non of that junk that shyt is not good for you because all that is acid and it burns through your stomach so yea..,music i mostly listen to anything except country music or oldies mon of that crap, i love skateboarding,well if you want to know more just ask me :)

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Never fall inlove or get your hopes to a nigga that gave up on you just move on and never look back