19 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Las Vegas – US
Hai im Ariel but my friends call me AJ I been on hear before jest my acc got hacked BUT...IM BAK! <3 so im going to tell u some things about me if you know me on my FB you know i love to RP (Role Play) to me its like the best thing ever I have fish some 2 dog's 2 snakes and 1 cat I LUV MHE KITTEN <3 i dont really like soda or ice cream srry.... I have a big problem with monsters rock starts and peace tea ask my friends xD people seem to think my life is interesting all i do is sit around watch Anime read the manga and go out side when my friends say they give me a monster,rock star or peace tea YES I AM BI I LIKE BOYS AND GIRLS >~< geez! I suck at math jest its sooo bad my math skills make me look like a true dumb blond I do dye my hair when i can as for my spelling skills lets jest say i cant spell to save my own life the people who can't handle me shouldn't be my friends p*** me off and i have a very dirty mouth :) im nice most of the time I want to be a tattoo artiest if that doesnt work out i want to be a you-tuber or a makeup arrest when people tell me to do some thing if i dont care about them or it doesn't interest me i jest dont give a s*** xD srry i jest don't some Anime's i can watch over and over are Fruits Basket Black Butler Host Club Rosie + Vampire thats all I can think of for now BAI <3

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going bak to the hell hole Monday -_-

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Home girl I wish nothing but bad luck