20 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
La Verne – US
Most people annoy the hell out of me cause they are "forever alone" and than the next day they get prehaps a slut no they do so do not talk to me if you are like that. Well I'm Kenzee I wish to make love to Chris Motionless and yes I love Motionless in White and I want to eat candy for a living. And, if you say anything about being together in the first couple times I talk to you. I will kick you right in the throat and rip your organs out. Yea I'm a pansexual love is love but guys win my heart a little more, and if you say well than you fall in love with animals be prepared to get f***ing ran over. Have a horrible day.. I mean nice c: <3

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It's cold :c