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Virginia Beach – US
first of all iidk who you are but if ur reading this ur taking somewhat of an interest so feel free to click that add button up there. some bigs things about me is that im a HUGE gamer i play mainly zombie shooters or RPGs like zelda or pokemon(yes they are rpgs disagree and i will prove u wrong(especially if u are younger than me cuz ive been playing video games since before some of yall were born)) um im caring usually i dnt talk much when people tell me their problems i just listen and let them vent. im shy when it comes to meeting new people and will sometimes seem like i dnt care but i do im just getting to know u, if u want to skype my skype name is kimi yozora

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jeremythefox asked

what is your favorite pokemon game for the gameboy color
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You too dada <33


Thanks for the add bb (: