24 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Hey im Angel (but call me whatever you want i guess)

im 19 years young lol

i have a job and go to college which isnt that exciting but yeah i have skype , kik , instagram , twitter .etc. but i dont give them out to random people i havent gotten to know or anything sorry .

Im nice , sometimes funny , can be bitchy if you p*** me off , i stand up for what i believe it but im open minded to stuff so meh

I like going to concerts , reading , drawing , going out , comics , superheros and villains(DC & Marvel)
, art , talking to people and trying to make them feel better and good about them selves

Ive had a rough past kinda but the past only makes you stronger and who you are now so yeah lol

I play a lot of video games but Destiny , COD , Halo and Skyrim are probably a few of my favorites

As you can kinda guess im a little bit nerdy and dont have many friends but thats alright its good to be on your own sometimes lol

I have a white and black husky called Lucky hes my bae and i love him to pieces

I love music i dont have a certain type i like a whole range of music but i mostly love rock music and bands like AC/DC , Linkin Park , Red Hot Chili Peppers .etc.

So yeah message me if you want too i dont judge as quickly as some people do which i guess is good and if you respect me ill respect you back but be bitchy to me ill be a bigger bitch back i guess i dunno lol but if you want you can just add me thats fine too lol

Bye now :3

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The most cutest and sweetest and most amazing friend in the whole world i love you ry <3 xoxoxo ( Rychu )

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White.Pony asked

Wow you're gorgeous *-*
Aw thank you

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Hey how are you I'm Austin


You are so so pretty