19 / Male / Pansexual / Broken Hearted
My bestie forever and ever! Rowan
In A Place Of Fallen Angels <3 – US
I'm an Angel with a shotgun :)
Get out your guns, battles begun
Are you a saint, or a sinner?
If loves a fight, than I shall die
With my heart on a trigger <3
Hiii welcome to my profile :D
I like
~my bestie she is fabulous :3
~Sweet things
~My new kitty we got him on 1-2-17 his name is Sherlock because I'm watching Sherlock.
And that's all feel free to message me anytime :P

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Not going to be on for a while <3

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Anonymous asked

Proof pic?
Already have one

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I love you more<3~


yeah whats there scenekids ill do my best to help c: