18 / Female
Milton FL – US

I'm Jewelz, your ordinary bitoasteral toaster (I like toasters and bread is what that means)

To be honest: I'm really weird and without social graces. I can be really clingy and sometimes very queer with my affection, but I can be a really good friend, and if you let me I will spoil you with affection. I tend to trip on my words though, and seem a little silly. I apologize for that.

I journal my feelings here. Why? I don't know. It's just more satisfying and I vent a lot better on here. I can't really disclose the things I discuss on here or in real life on an actual journal (due to a mother who doesn't understand privacy) and I feel as if you guys understand better than any piece of paper or living human. So. Enjoy IG. XD

Oh, I also quote a lot of Escape the Fate songs. 👾

I just want friends. You should add me on skype or kik. I hate texting first so please humour me and shoot me a message? c: (Stalk me and don't talk to me, I will haunt you. @[email protected])

You can ask whatever, but please be polite and respectful to my being a woman and do NOT call me "babe", "sexy", etc.
If you're nice to me, I'll be the sweetest girl I can be to you. If you're rude or sarcastic or mean and I feel more oppressed than liked by you I will more than likely be the worst conversationalist and I WILL be your worst enemy. I tend to match people's interactions so yeh. I'm sorry darling, but I am not sorry.

Don't add me if you won't talk to me. Also, F*** LOVE I HATE IT. ^~^ I'm very bitter and angry with people romance-wise. But I actually genuinely want someone to hold me, like I wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming of someone holding me in their arms and snuggling into their chest. Maybe I just don't want to be alone?

I hope we get along fine. ^-^

PS: my Kik is jewlrokzyorwrld
My Skype is someone stole my name help
My Instagram is
And my Snapchat is takethedayaway

Talk to me on any that you wish. Cx

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Ok. So I'm lonely. I could really use some friends. No relationship mess, no flirting or "talking", just friends. I have line, skype, and instagram. My line ID: yourfavetoaster ; my skype: someonestolemynamehelp ; my instagram: (don't even try flirting please.)

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Mistah.J  asked

Happy Birthday <3
Woah I seriously did not see this until now, I am so sorry! Thank you though ahaha!

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d*** well when u get it back we totally gotta whoop some ass!


Thanks dude


whie tank yew ^-^ hehe yew can talk to me anytime lol