28 / Female / Polysexual / In an Open Relationship
Gets Me <3 TheArtOfDying
Helmetta, New Jersey – US
i got effin bored and wrote a lot, feel free to skip around and read just what you want ♥

i have no f***ing filter ;D if i wanna say something i say it

i talk a lot, but enjoy actual conversation. i mostly add people who look cute and interesting, but it doesn't matter how cute you are if you only reply with 1 or 2 words consistently. be yourself, be nice, be a jerk, be a true asshole, idc... just don't short me on conversation.

i know proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. i choose not to use it. consider everything i write to be freestyle poetry if my lack of capitalization bugs you.

i am looking more for friends and flirting than actual hookups. i will flirt with you regardless of age, gender, gender identity, race, relationship status, or sexuality if i feel like flirting... but it does not mean i want to bewithyourgetmarriedetc. i will flirt with someone asexual too, and expect absolutely nothing in return.

i an genderfluid and consider myself non-op trans*. (feel free to ask me about it, i have been involved in the lgbt community for a long time and love to discuss anything from "just interested and wanna hear more" to well- basically anything except "burn in hell, homo-lover" unless you want a scathing reply and to be reported.

tattoos i have:
~ triforce from twilight princess
~ ekg line with heart in middle
~ heart and initials of my love

tattoos i have planned:
~ dark mark on left inner arm
~ "i must not tell lies" in white ink on back of hand
~ changing from full back tat of hogwarts before/after & final 7 to clear back for now because i want space to rep more fandoms later
~ this one is dirty AND nerdy... "i solemnly swear that i am up to no good" on my lower abdomen, with "mischief managed" right below the panty line.
~ intricate black lace choker collar with sign of deathly hallows as the pendant
~ pokéballs on my hips
~ kite, elk, and mia somewhere (if you know who these characters are PLEASE MESSAGE ME)
~ left arm i would like a half sleever with different style hearts (candy, cartoon, winged, 3d) with an anatomically correct gorey heart right on the shoulder
~ when i have kids, they will draw on my leg in a specific spot and i will have an artist trace it. i might look ratchet af half the time but i love deeply!

piercings i have planned:
~ double snakebites
~ spiderbites
~ septum
~ dimples
~ asymmetrical eyebrows
~ all around ears with industrial on one side and conch or tragus on the other
~ possibly stretch ears, also considering just getting fake plugs first to see if i like the look on myself
~ navel
~ back of neck
~ webbing between thumb and forefinger
~ dermals on hips (i'll figure out a way to make them work with the pokéballs!), collars, wrists and ankles

other body mods i'd like:
~ split tongue
~ horn implants
~ heart-shaped nipples (may do that as tattoo instead of actual surgery, even though it looks sexycoolamazing)

some of my recently listened to music (literally going through youtube recently watched... bands with a ♥ next to them are ones i have a lot of on my history)
~ butthole surfers ♥
~ porcelain and the tramps ♥
~ flaming lips ♥
~ blood on the dance floor ♥
~ dresden dolls
~ metallica
~ ozzy
~ lmfao
~ paramore
~ falling in reverse
~ all as one
~ asking alexandria
~ a day to remember
~ rammstein
~ combichrist
~ brokencyde ♥
~ fit for rivals
~ black veil brides
~ trivium
~ slipknot ♥
~ panic! at the disco ♥
~ fall out boy ♥
~ mc chris (nerdcore <3)
~ lords of acid
~ bullet for my valentine
~ shiny toy guns
~ 3oh!3
~ p****cat dolls
~ cascada
~ red hot chili peppers ♥
~ eminem (i love him *_*) ♥
~ aerosmith
~ girl crush
~ aqua
~ toy box
~ sponge
~ sublime
~ bon jovi
~ kansas
~ rob zombie
~ captain jack
~ sugarcult
~ eve 6
~ nelly
~ leanne rimes ♥
~ dido
~ la roux
~ our lady peace ♥
~ queen
ok dats enuff

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sorry i'm never on. i'm eating disordered, and starting to, well, die :/ my organs are shutting down. so i'm being taken to treatment. i was already told i might never be able to have children because of the damage i caused...

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lillybea asked

so hows it goin? cx
i know your pain now babes... i broke my laptop D:

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