14 / Female / Bisexual / Single
Centralia Washington – US
Hai my name is Karma, Im emo, I'm bisexual, im 14 and 5'3, i have long black hair and grey eyes, i love weed and alchohol and apple cider, i love to sing, I love to cuddle and be called kitten and babe and baby, i live in washington, i love anime and horror movies,i love BVB BOTDF PTV FIR PTX SWS, and im looking for a guy to be my best friend. or more in the future, if you want to talk... I jus want a friend...

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Amoeba asked

Why u gotta be such a meanie
I'm not I go in the chat and be treated badly...what do u want me to do just stand there and take it??? HELL NO!!!