18 / Male / Bisexual / Single
Lords Valley, PA – US

My name is Dylan. I love to dance, play games, skype people.... Yeah. You get the point. I came here to make new friends, NOT TO BE JUDGED. If you judge me because of my age, my looks, or how my voice sounds, I am just gonna ignore you and put you on block. Dont f***ing do that s***.. I am not even kidding. Anyways. I like unicorns and whatever. I like nightcore and kpop..
I can add you on skype, kik, and instagram. :P

K thanks bai. c:

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Imagine me being on Strange Addictions... I'd be like "Hai my name is Dylan and I have a obsession over aliens"

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http.abbeyroad asked

R u emo
Umm. Im more of a soft grunge kinda person

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Thank yoooouuuu. c:


: )