21 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
Snow biome near the floating rock in the sky – US
If i were any good at this I'd type this with flawless succession. Each word more meaningful then the last. Each placed letter holding it's own and no doubtedly serving its purpose with elegance. Unfortunately I'm not good at these things and I'm certain each word is as useless as the letters used to spell it out. No I'm not good at this. I can't even place proper punctuation. So I've decided to leave out the comas and anything that follows it. I could perhaps make an effort but I'm certain to some of you reading this senseless waste of time it's nerv racking. All these mistakes every missed opportunity of perfection wasted. Well I'm not perfect I'm not in any means of that definition. If you've managed this far I must say I'm surprised.

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Take a breath draw your weapon and don't let them see you break
With each step
With each smile you fake
Don't stop
Don't cry
Refuse to let the dust lie
Take a breath
Tears stream down.
You've lost yourself
With each step
With each smile you fake.
You're broken
They can see it
Take a breath
Drop your weapon
You've won the fight
You've found your light
Let them see you cry
Let them see your human
Let them see you break because your smile is no longer fake.

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