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is good firends with oh.hai.there
taylor My home really is in Stugart – US
I'm Alexandra I was born in the U.S with my two big brothers we were the first born in our family in the U.S. My I visited Germany in the past and plan to go back as soon as I can with a couple of friends. I speak a little bit of German but I was not raised around it a lot so yeah.. I can be your best friend but if you p*** me of you will know I have a temper just like my grandmother. if you have anymore questions ask away.

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I smoke to get high, because the world is so low.

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Kimimaro asked

What is the meaning of life? in your own words
The meaning in life to me?... Is trying to do the best you can in EVERYTHING you do, Helping others, being grateful to be alive each day, In addition it turns out the future is miserable, that should depress you. I would argue that in fact it should in Bolden you. The meaning in our lives is provided by us we provide our own meaning. So to me the meaning of life is being the best you can be and not letting everyone distruct you and make you fall.

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Have a wonderful new year! ♥