22 / Female / Bisexual / Broken Hearted
Sisters :P Elly.Ana.Rainbow
Stuck In My Own Uglyness – US
Name is Alexandria but you can call me Alex and I am Bisexual! I am besties with AkiraTheKitty :DDDD and i dont really prefer one over the other so it doesnt matter and IM UGLY!! and i AM the jealous type sowwie love youz AND LOVE YOUZ AkiraTheKitty, Sakura.RoseShinigami AND Elly.Ana.Rainbow <333 I like Botdf, BMTH, asking alexandria, attack attack, blessthefall, falling in reverse, escape the fate and stuffz like that! FRIEND REQUEST ME CUZ I LUVZ YOU!

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Heyyyy ;3

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XxBooLovexX asked

why areyou so perfect?
I'm not perfect. I'm nowhere close to perfect :3

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Alex!!!! i miss you! message me sometime beautiful! <3 ;)


im soooo sorry alex but i have to go


Thaanks for acceptiing! :3